Renaissance Biographies



Your task is to conduct research about a Renaissance figure and create a poster to display in the Portland Art Museum. Follow the steps below carefully. After you complete the research begin creating your display!

❏ Choose a Renaissance figure from the following list: Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, William Shakespeare, Nicolas Copernicus, Queen Elizabeth I, or Johannes Gutenberg.

❏ Think of a catchy title for your poster, focusing on the significance of your figure.

❏ Create a biographical timeline of your figure, from birth to death.  Your timeline should reference a minimum of ten separate events (including the person's birth and death).

❏ Describe in a text box on your poster why your figure was important to history - in other words, what she/he is known for.

❏ Include at least four visuals (these can be drawn by hand or printed)

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