Manifest Destiny


Part 1:  Louisiana Territory
    Please use this site to help you answer the questions:
    http://jtlawson.tripod.com/index.html or http://members.tripod.com/~jtlawson/index.html
        1.    How much did Thomas Jefferson pay France for the territory?
        2.    Why did the U.S. want that land?
        3.    What problem did President Jefferson have about purchasing the land?
        4.    Why was the purchase so important?
        5.    Who did Jefferson send to explore the territory?

Part 2:  The Acquisition of Florida
    Please use this site to help you answer these questions:
        1.    Who owned Florida when James Monroe became President?
        2.    Why was Florida a Problem for the United States?
        3.    As a Major General, what did Andrew Jackson do about it?
        4.    How did the United States respond to Spanish Complaints about Jackson's actions.
        5.    What happened as a result?

Part 3:  Indian Removal
    Please use these sites to help you answer these questions:
        1.    Who were the Five Civilized Tribes?
        2.    Which of the Five Civilized Tribes was most different from other Native Americans, and why were they so different?
        3.    Why did the United States want their land, and what did they do to get it?
        4.    How did the Native Americans fight back?
        5.    Why did they finally leave their land?
        6.    What was their journey called, and why was it called this?

Part 4:  Independence for Texas
    Please use this link to help you:
        1.    Who settled Texas?
        2.    What country ruled them?
        3.    Why did these people begin to think of Independence?
        4.    Why were the Alamo and Goliad important?
        5.    When did Texas become part of the United States?
        6.    Why did it take so long?

Part 5:  Oregon Country and the Oregon Trail
    Please use these sites to help you:
        1.    What two nations shared the Oregon Country?
        2.    When was ownership decided?
        3.    How was it decided?
        4.    What was the Oregon Trail?
        5.    Why was it important?

Part 6:  New Settlers in California
    Please use these links to help you:
    http://www.calgoldrush.com/ Go to Part 1:Gold! An Era Remembered (click on it). Then go to The Road West (Click on it)
        1.    Why did the United States go to war with Mexico?
        2.    When did the war  begin and end?
        3.    What future states were part of the territory given up by Mexico?
        4.    Why did people flock to California?
        5.    What were they called, and why were they called this?

Part 7:  The Technology of Growth
    Please use these sites to help you:
        1.    What is the cotton gin, who invented it, and why is it important?
        2.    What was the mechanical reaper, who invented it, and why was it important?
        3.    What is John Fitch known for?
        4.    What is Robert Fulton known for?
        5.    What impact did railroads have on the growth of the United States?


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