Manifest Destiny



This journey will take you to different internet sites that will help you learn about Manifest Destiny and westward expansion from 1801 to 1861.

As you follow the links provided in search of information, you will need to answer questions that go along with those links.  You will need a set of questions.  Place the answers there. Please create a folder in your documents under your student id number. Name it Manifest Destiny; this is where I want you to save your PowerPoint file.

You will complete a packet answering the questions on the process page.  This packet will become your research notes.

When you are finished gathering information, you will use that information to create a PowerPoint presentation.

  •     The questions must be answered with complete sentences.
  •     Your packet will be turned in and will be graded.
  •     Your PowerPoint presentation must have a minimum of 1 slide per section. 
  •     Your PowerPoint must use the correct title, headings and subheading.
  •     Your PowerPoint must have at least one picture per section.
  •     Your PowerPoint must have at least one map.
  •     Your PowerPoint must contain all of the information in your packet.
  •     You must use correct grammar and spelling.
  •     You may use bullets or numbering.

Now, go to the Process page for more detailed information.  Remember, work hard and have fun.

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