History of DNA



Steps to complete this assignment:

  1. Choose the scientist that you wish to research.  (You must tell the teacher which scientist you have chosen.)
  2. From the choice board, pick the product that you will use to present the information that you find.
  3. Research information about the scientist using the links provided. (You may want to organize the information in a graphic organizer.)
  4. Present the information using the format that you chose in step 2.

Required Information:

  • Background information about the scientist (such as date of birth/death, where they went to school, who they worked with, married/kids, won nobel prize, etc.)
  • Information about their major discovery about DNA (must be very detailed and explained so that your 'audience' can understand it, explain any experiments that they did that led to their discovery)
  • Any other information that you believe may be interesting or relevant


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