Penguins are Cool



You will be assigned to groups of 4.

First You will talk with your group and combine all of your information that you all have found.

Once you have picked a role to play you will be coming up with your part and then combing it with the rest of the group later. Each person in your group should choose a role. Pick from one of the ones below.

1.  researching food habbits

2.  researching enemies of a penguin

3. researching climate of penguins and how they stay warm

4 researching the species of the antartica penguin

Individually, look up your role and start thinking how that information will fit in your habitat that you are creating.

After you research your roles get with your group and fill in the fact sheet about penguins provided using these sources below. Please use complete senteces.






After filling in the fact sheet as a group get together and talk about the things you will need in your habitat and gather your materials for your posterboard.

Then as a group you will start putting your penguin habitat together and have it ready to present.

Make sure you show everything penguins will need to stay healthy. 

Create a perfect penguin habitat and remember to use your research and information from the fact sheet to create your penguin habitat.


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