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The People Who Came

Developmental Steps

  • Now children you will watch the powerpoint presentation and listen to song found on podcast
  • You will tell what is the song about?
  • You will also state who you think the song is talking about?
  • You will fill in the blanks by showing people who were born in Africa, China and Europe are called _______________?
  • You will identify an African among other races of people if you see them?
  • Do you think there are Africans here in Jamaica?
  • Finally you will state how they came? 

  • Now turn on your computers, go to youtube and find the different shades of people seen by using the mouse to touch each shade and called. for example grey, black and white.
  • Encourage them to touch the complexion of the Africans, Chinese, Spaniards etc. seen; but say which complexion is most dominant.

Assessment: Now that we have identify the different complexion of Africans, its time for the fun in mixing colours to paint  a blank outline of an African that exist in Jamaica by using the paintbrush, click button and the cursor


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