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This web quest was designed to used as a means to lessen the inappropriate behaviours that would seem to disrupt the teaching/learning process of my student. It was carefully taught of as an instructional tool that would seek to get the students more engaged; as dewey rightly puts it when children are engaged in meaningful activities then learning will takes place. i also looked at the different types of learners and what each theorist has to say about children and their learning. Under the topic Out of many one people; most of our Jamaican children does not have a clue as to what is meant by culture but having them physically engaged into using technology such as their tablets, laptop and a few computers they were all tuned in to them. they wanted to explore and experiment using colors.

Teachers i too have a dream just like the Ministry of Education that Every Child can learn and it is up to us to transform education with guidance of course of the global standards for learning, teaching and leading in the digital age.


Our work as teachers is to get our students involved and so under standards 2 they were able to work collaboratively with each other in mixing colours and identifying the different race of people that exist in Jamaica. Standard i they managed to demonstrate creative thinking in completing task assigned


I would like to thank the following persons who have helped me to some extent in completing this webquest. Firstly, to God the Almighty for the determination and perseverance in completing this web quest with many tears and pain in such a hard time as this. to my lecturer who assisted me in finding creative and innovative ways to do this web quest. to my family and co workers for their support and patience with me in creating this webquest and also to the shortwood day students and Oneil who really gave me their full attention and ideas; as well as causing me to believe that I did a good job. I truly felt like i have accomplished. Finally to all the youtube videos creators and the different url innovators thanks and God bless you all.

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