Graphing Linear Equations - An investigation of slope



  1. Day 1 - Part 1
  2. Open a Word Document and Save it as Webquest Vocabulary.
  3. In this document, write the following vocabulary terms, leaving space between each word that will be defined as you complete the webquest.
  4. Words:  Rate of Change; Slope; Positive Slope; Negative Slope; Zero Slope; Undefined Slope; Coordinates;

Day 1 - Part 2

  1. Go to the website http://www.dictionary.com. or a similar website.
  2. Look up the vocabulary terms Rate of Change and Slope.
  3. Record these definitions in your Webquest Vocabulary document.

Day 1 - Part 3

  1. Go to the following website http://www.teachertube.com/view_video.php?viewkey=13d62132dda54ef1ec86.
  2. Watch the video covering Rate of Change / Slope.
  3. Next, go to the stairwell.  Take with you a ruler and a sheet of paper.  On your paper, I want you to determine the slope of the steps, expressed as a rate of change (rise/run).  Measure the rise and run of the steps in inches. Record the rise and run on your paper.  Then, using these measurements determine the slope of the steps.

Day 1 - Part 4

  1. Download and print the word Document entitled - Rate of Change Worksheet - Webquest.
  2. Review the example problem and then solve Real-world problem 1 and 2.

Day 1 - Part 5

  1. Download and print the word Document entitled - Graphs of linear Equations Worksheet - Webquest.
  2. Review the example problem and then solve the listed problems.

Day 1 - Culminating Event (Formative Assessment)

  1. This is your mission.

    You are to take the role of instructor and explain to me in a few paragraphs how I would do the items below in Part I.   Keep in mind that I will be following only your instructions and that I am a beginning Algebra student.  This assignment needs to be completed and typed using Microsoft Word.

  • How do I determine the rate of change after being given a set of data?

  • How do I determine the slope of a line by looking at a graph of a linear equation?

 Day 2 - Part 1

  1. Search the internet for examples of positive, negative, zero, and undefined slope.
  2. Copy 1 example down for each type of slope and label it properly (whether it is positve slope, negative slope, etc.)
  3. Download Identifying + - zero-undefined slope worksheet.
  4. Identify what type of slope each picture has.


  • File
    Description: Day 1 - Part 4 Worksheet - Rate of Change

  • File
    Description: Day 1 - Part 5 Worksheet - Graphs of a Linear Equation

  • File
    Description: Identifying + - Zero - Undefined Slope

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