Bully Free Zone


There will be a total of three people on your team.

Stage 1

You will each interview ten students to discover whether they have ever been bullied or seen bullying take place in our school. Tell them their answers will be anonymous. You should ask them these questions:

~Have you ever been bullied in this school?

~What happened?

~Did you report it?

~Are you still being bullied?

~Have you ever been a bully in this school?

~Do you think this is a "bully free" school?

~What do you think needs to be done to make our school "bully free?"

You should ask them at the end of the interview whether or not they would like to add anything else.

Stage 2

Each of you should meet after you have finished all interviews and discuss your findings.

Stage 3

This is where you will take on assigned roles as follows:

~One of you should determine what "bullying" and "cyber bulling" are;

~One of you should define a "victim" and what they can do when they are bullied both face-to-face and online; and

~One of you should discover ways students, teachers and schools can encourage anti-bullying.

The answers to these questions will be found on the following websites:




These links will take you right to the information you need, although you may want to click on other tabs on these pages for more information.

Stage 4

Once you have gathered the answers to the above questions, you should meet and discuss your findings.

Stage 5

With the information you have gathered from your classmates and your research, you are to prepare a PowerPoint presentation for the principal. You will be responsible for the slides which pertain to your assigned questions. To assist you, here are two links with information on making a PowerPoint:



Your PowerPoint presentation should be 8-10 minutes in duration.

Stage 6

The principal would like to meet with you on April 5th, so please meet with me on April 2nd so I may review the presentation and arrange a time for your meeting.

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