Bully Free Zone



# Accomplished 6 Developing 4 Beginning 2 Score
Spelling and grammar No spelling or grammatical errors. A few spelling or grammatical errors. Numerous spelling and/or distracting grammar errors. 25%
Visual appeal Graphics & pictures appealing, appropriate, and well placed. Several graphics and/or pictures out of place or not needed. Few or no graphics or pictures or they are distracting and do not add to the presentation. 25%
Sequence and order Material is logically organized & in proper sequence. One or two slides or pieces of information are out of sequence. Three or more slides or pieces of information are out of order or sequence. 25%
Overall design All required elements for the power point are presented;(title page, # of slides, etc.) One to two elements and/or pages are missing. Much of the information or pages are difficult to read and/or understand. 25%

Total Score: 100%

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