City Design Project



Your goal is to work together with the members of your Design Firm to accurately create a city design plan in the form of a map. Your Firm will consist of 3 memebers. As a group you need to create Job Titles for yourselves an create a name for your Firm and a logo.

Things to keep in mind that will make your project more creative and stand out form the rest~pay attention to the details.
For Example: Street signs, animals, landscaping (trees, shrubbery, ponds, etc.), or fencing; the possibilities are endless as the imagination. Please keep it school appropriate. Remember the idea is to be visually appealing as well as geometrically correct.

Materials needed:
Posterboard or cardboard or blank paper (this will be provided larger than 8 x 11), pencils, colored pencils or markers, eraser, and a ruler or straight edge.

No two buildings can occupy the exact same space. Use a ruler to draw straight lines, please no free-hand-drawing of these or points will be deducted. Make your initial lines light and in pencil first so that mistakes can be erased and any necessay alterations easily made.

City Designers must accurately draw parallel, perpendicular, and transversal lines to create your city map design.
You are to design a city.

__Your city will have a name and a population which must be placed somewhere on your design.

__You must also put your company name and logo as well as team member names in the lower right hand corner.

                           Your city must also include the following to recieve full credit:

__At least 5 parallel streets (each must be named)

__At least 2 transversal streets that are NOT parallel to each other (each street must be named)

__At least 2 streets that are perpendicular (each street must be named)

                                             The following buildings must be placed as directed:
                          All buildings must be given names using signs either on or near the building.

__Sketch a house and a school on a pair of consecutive interior angles

__Sketch a bank and a post office on a pair of corresponding angles

__Sketch a grocery (or general store) and an electronics store on a pair of alternate interior angles

__Sketch a movie theater and a pet shop on a pair of alternate exterior angles

__Sketch a sherriffs office/courthouse halfway between the bank and the post office

__Sketch a restaurant and a gas station creating a linear pair or a supplementary angle

__Sketch a fire department and hospital on a pair of vertical angles

__Sketch a Park at a location of your choice (name the park)

__Sketch At Least 2 other buildings or location sites of your choice

                   *Also include a map legend, key, and a compass rose on your design*

Each of you will have a specific role for each task. You must discuss this as a team to determine which role best suits each team member. Remember you are all in this together and are each accountable for understanding all aspects of the material. Please be sure you are working together and assisting each other. Please consult your rubric on a regular basis.  

Task #1

                                                                 Alternate Exterior Angles
                                                                 Alternate Interior Angles
                                                                 Consecutive Interior Angles
                                                                 Corresponding Angles
                                                                 Parallel Lines
                                                                 Perpendicular Lines
                                                                 Skew lines
                                                                 Slope-intercept form
                                                                 Supplementary Angles
                                                                 Vertical Angles

You need to look up each of the above terms and define them on paper. Make a copy for each member of the team.

The following sites may be helpful:

You may also just choose to use your text book.

Visual Artist
You need to find specific examples, visual aides for the above terms. Then share them with the members of your team.

The following sites may be helpful:

You may also choose to use your text book or google for ideas.

Creative Designer
You will work on the Firms name and logo that your team agreed upon. Please create and document this for future use. You will also be responsible at the end of the project to write up specific directions on how to get from a location on one side of town to the other. I will have final approval on the two locations that you choose.

Task #2

A Expert
You are in charge of discovering about Alternate Exterior Angles, Alternate Interior Angles, and Vertical Angles. After you have learned about them you are to share and explain your discovery's to the other members of your firm.
You are required to do the problems at each site, document, and share them.

C Expert
You are in charge of discovering about Congruent Angles, Consecutive Interior Angles, and Corresponding Angles. After you have learned about them you are expected to share and explain your discovery's to the other members of your firm.

You are required to do the practice problems at each site, document, and share them.

S Expert
You are in charge of discovering about the Slope of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines and Supplementary Angles. After you have learned about them you are expected to share and explain your discovery's to the other members of your firm.

You are required to do any practice problems at each site, document, and share them.

Task #3
You will may consult with your teammembers but you are each expected to work individually visiting the following sites and practice what you have learned.

http://mathforum.org/mathtools/activity/81537/    Print and do the pdf worksheet.

You may take a break if you like and play this jeopardy game with your team members or choose to compete against one other team.

Individually do the following

Take the folowing Quizzes and call me over to document your scores.



Task #4
Now that you have mastered Parallel lines cut by a Transversal and the Angles created by them you are ready to begin the City Design Project.
Please review the description and create a check list so that you do not forget anything.
Discuss with your firm members how you want to distribute the tasks. Please see me if you have any questions or need further clarification. Be sure to look at the rubric.

Don't forget the Creative Designer from task #1 is required to write the directions from one loaction to another being as specific as possible. You must meet with me to discuss and get approval on the locations of your choosing. I suggest that you consult with or at least have your team mates look it over for any final suggestions before you submit the project because they are just as responsible as you are for the content. 


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