City Design Project



Please refer to the rubric often to be sure that you are aware of the reqirements you must meet enable to recieve the score of your choosing.

Extra Credit: Creating gridlines on map and using to create slope-intercept equations that will also be used in the detail of the directions from one location to another.


# Below Standard Almost Meets Satndard Meets Standard Above Standard Score
Individual Performance, Practice, Quiz Average score of less than 60%. Average score of less than 75% but greater than 59.9% Average score of less than 92.5% but greater than 74.9% Average score of 92.5% or greater.
Project Contents There are 10 or more items missing or not accurately drawn. There are 7 or less items missing or not accurately drawn. There are 3 or less items missing or not accurately drawn. There are 2 or less items missing or not accurately drawn.
Creativity, Color,Attention to Details Lacks neatness, color, very little or no detail. Somewhat neat, a little color, detail is not representative of the 5 days spent on this project. Neat, colorful, missing some detail but shows the effort of a 5 day project. Neat, colorful, creative, visually appealing with great attention to detail.
Written Directions Directions had many directional errors. Lacking sentence structure and multiple spelling errors. Directions had a few directional errors. Complete sentences but there were a few spelling or grammatical errors. Directions were accurate but there was limited deatails. Complete sentences and only 1 or 2 spelling and grammatical errors. Directions had great detail and were accurate. There were no spelling or grammar errors.

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