The Pennsylvania Jameses


No one important ever came from south central Pennsylvania, yet alone Fredericksburg, Right?

At the end of this webquest you will have learned about two very important men;both named James who grew up in South Central Pennsylvania. One  grew up in, of all places, Fredericksburg! Both of these men lived in same era.  One became president of the United States and the other became a millionaire who left his mark in California.  James Buchanan was born in Cove Gap PA. James Lick was born in Fredericksburg PA.These locations are 101 miles apart in South Central Pennsylvania. Read about their early lives. Complete the Venn-diagram. Make sure to note the differences and the similarities between the two men.You will need the information you gather to complete your final project.  Make sure to save your work for future use. Follow the links provided to read more about these two men.  Concentrate on their early lives.  You do not need to read about thier entire lives as this time. 


Web Link
  • James Lick
    Description: Information on the early life of James Lick

Web Link
  • James Buchanan
    Description: Information on the early life of James Buchanan


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