Aborigines of Australia



G'day, mate! You and your friends have decided to embark on a 2 week long  coast-to-coast adventure of a lifetime through Australia. As you and your friends are crossing through the Australian outback, your truck suddenly breaks down in the middle of the desert with no nearby towns or cell phone towers for at least a hundred miles.....a perfect start for everyone's adventure. It's been five hours, and you and your friends are running out of water and supplies. Suddenly, you all spot a group of Aborigines in the distance, and they agree to take you all back to their village. Before they agree to help you and your friends back to the nearest town, you all must gain the tribe's trust and learn about their history, culture, and way of life. Basically, the tribe wants you and your friends to get a real taste of Australia. Do you and your friends have what it takes to get back to society by gaining the tribe's trust and learning everything there is to know about them? Only time will tell.....G'luck to you all!

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