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So you're ready to do your homework.  All prepared to go online and research for your assignment.  But before you go to Google,  you'll go on Facebook for just one minute to see what's new.  Of course the one minute becomes an hour.  But that's OK because you have time.  As you're ready to begin your research, you remember that you have to reply to an e-mail, which then reminds you of a video that you have to see since all your friends have been talking about it.  Now hours have passed and you're ready to do your research.  What's next?

Welcome to 21st Century!  You are lucky because internet is accessible to all of you.  Unfortunately, it is too accessible.  Many spend too much time avoiding work that needs to be done.  Instead of doing research for their assignments, many play games, watch videos or just chat with friends.  

Some claim that using the internet has a positive affect on students' learning, while others disagree.  There are some valid arguments for both sides.  

Here are some summaries of articles that discuss this issue

1)  Robert W. Kubey, Michael J. Lavin, and John R. Barrows: Internet Use and Collegiate Academic Performance Decrements: Early Findings 
This article argues that the internet use had kept students up late at night, that they sometimes felt tired the next day, and that they missed class due to Internet use. You need to conclude based on your own survey and analysis. Table 1 and histograms in this article are good examples for you to learn to summarize your data.

2)  Chen SY, Fu YC: Internet use and academic achievement: gender differences in early adolescence.
This article argues that both male and female students use internet, but there is an obvious difference in their patterns of use, and how these patterns affect their academic performance. You may borrow ideas from but not limited to this article when you design your survey questions.

3)  Bae Young: A Study on th Effect of Internet use and social capital on the academic performance.
The author compare the time male students spend on the internet to the famle counterpart. Examine the relation between Internet use and social interaction of teenagers. He also examines the effect of social network variables on academic performance through a multiple regression analysis. As a result, he thinks we need to reappraise educational contents on the internet. Is it sounds suggestive to you?

4)  Andy Carvin: Does Home Internet Access Improve Academic Achievement?
This is an online discussion space about the home Internet Access. Some think the internet access could improve their academic achievements, and some others disagree. When you finish your survey and analysis, you should also carefully draw your  own conclusion, and explain how your research support your conclusion.

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