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Have you ever thought about going to college? Learning about colleges is very exciting! There are so many colleges to choose from especially when you live in the United States. Each college represents many different variables that are important to consider when thinking about which colleges you want to apply to. Some important factors to consider include: admission requirements, location, campus size, majors offered, degrees offered, deadlines, scholarship opportunities, and financial aid availability. Finding colleges that are great matches for your interests and expectations is a complex process. The College Access for All webquest will provide you with some great resources to navigate this process and will help you identify critical factors in the college decision making process.


Presumably one of the most important factors that will impact your choice of college is the amount of tuition you will be expected to pay in order to attend that college. College costs vary greatly. Not all colleges provide financial aid equally either. It is important to do some research into all the different factors that impact college costs. Often times, the cost of tuition cannot solely be relied upon when calculating the total cost of attending college. Students and their parents, at times, are pleasantly surprised when they realize that a college they thought would be a financial impossibility actually turns out to be quite affordable for them. In these types of situations, the financial aid packages a college offers as well as scholarship opportunities, can significantly impact the overall tuition cost for a student. Let’s research some colleges of your choice and evaluate some of the critical factors to consider when making college decisions.


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