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The process of researching and applying to colleges can be quite overwhelming especially when you have little data to inform your decisions. By using the internet as a resource to guide your college planning decisions, you are able to access a wide range of information from various sources. By accessing various college data simultaneously on the internet, you can quickly and quite easily compare colleges across numerous criteria. The more knowledge you have about particular subjects, the more informed decisions you will be able to make about those subjects. Furthermore, by increasing the quantity of your information sources while also controlling for the quality of your information sources, you are able to decrease the impact of bias in the information you gather. In an age of automated phone systems and dated college guide books, you are able to access updated information directly from the source that produces it. Most importantly, you are able to do conduct your research at little to no cost and quite efficiently with respect to time. By linking directly to college websites, you are able to find out everything you need to know to successfully apply to that particular college.


Congratulations on successfully completing this webquest. You have demonstrated your ability to work independently using the internet to gather and analyze various data related to college admissions and costs. You have developed a greater understanding of the many different aspects of financing a college education. You now have a list of colleges you are interested in applying to that match your interests and college selection criteria. It is time to get ready for college applications. You deserve kudos for a job superbly done. The fun for you has just begun. Good Luck!!!

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