3 Branches and the Supreme Decisions



The students will take their 5 page report on the Supreme Court case and present it in front of the class. They will then have to defend their decision when the other students here what happened in the case and they will have to defend why they chose the side they did. They will present this in speech form and they will have 5-7 minutes to present their reasoning. Then there will be a question and answer session. 

  The other major part will be the 10 question post test on the 3 major branches and what they learned on this webquest.


# Poor Needs Improvement Average Satisfactory Score
5 paragraph essay on the Supreme Court Case Does not have any information, or does not have the Students has some of the facts. They do not have the 5 paragraphs written. The Students have all of the paragraphs, but does not choose a side, and does not have all of the information needed. The Student meets all of the requirements, has 5 paragraphs and takes a side and has all the information required to do the presentation 40%
Oral Presentation Refusal To do the speech, or reads from the paper and makes no eye contactand reads from the paper Reads from the paper, Speaks low and can't hear or understand, No Eye contact Reads from the paper half of the time, Makes some eye contact, voice is low and unhearable. Great Voice control, Eye contact is constant little to no reading from the paper. 30%
Defending your choice The student can not defend their point or decision. The student has few facts and can not answer the questions when students have them. The student has facts and point is taken, but they can not answer questions on why they have decided to choose the way they did. Student has a full defgense of their choices and is able to answer questions pertaining to that choice,. 30%

Total Score: 100%

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