3 Branches and the Supreme Decisions



Welcome: 3 Branches and the Supreme Decisions
Description: Strand 3:Civics/Government PO 2. Differentiate the roles and powers of the three branches of the federal government.The students will be able to diffeentiate between the three different branches of governement and be able to tell the difference of each, while also describing how each group will have checks and balances on the other 2 branches and what they specifically are.It will answer the Essetial Question:What are the major roles of the 3 branches of governemtn, and how does each one affect our lives either directly or indirectly?
Grade Level: 6-8
Curriculum: Social Studies
Keywords: Executive BranchJudicial BranchLegislative BranchChecks and BalancesPresidentCongressSenateHouse of RepresentativesSupreme Court
Author(s): James Benn


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  • 3 Branches Rap
    Description: This is a rap which will open up the lesson and have a little fun to start off the quest.

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