Shakespeare's Globe




# 4 3 2 1 Score
Completed Worksheets Completed all worksheets thoroughly and for the most part answered questions accurately. Completed worksheets with minimal information. Only a few errors Did not complete all of the worksheets. Did not complete worksheets. Many sections missing. Many errors. 4
Level of Thought Answers and letter indicated a high level of critical thinking. Critical thinking was employed sometimes and some answers were straightforward facts Answers were fact driven, little thought went into creating answers. No critical thinking was used when creating answers. 4
Research Utilized resources given and even went beyond just the webpage given. Used resources given but did not go any further. Some of the resources given were used, but not all and not in depth. Only a few of the resources were used and not in depth. 4
Quality of Work Answers clearly stated, letter was well written and creative, research showed critical and careful thinking. A few errors were noted but work was still acceptable. Many errors were noted in writing and in the answers given. No creative process was used. Work was unacceptable with many errors, no creative thinking and/or illegible. 4

Total Score: 16

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