Shakespeare's Globe



On your journey through London in 1602 you will accomplish the following:


1. By researching the internet sites provided you will list 20 facts about The Globe Theatre on your accompanying worksheet.


2. By researching the population of 1602, you will write a letter home to a friend regarding the people you have met on your travels back in time. Identify 3 or 4 different types of people you met at the theatre, who they were, what they did, what they were wearing and how they acted. In your letter ask your friend a few (2 or 3) questions that your research uncovered. Maybe your friend knows why women only wore dresses!? Use your worksheet to organize your notes.


3. Using your prior knowledge of entertainment theaters in America today and using some of the resources provided, compare and contrast The Globe Theatre with modern theaters in a Venn Diagram.  


4. You have the choice to work by yourself, with a partner, or in a group of three.

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