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    • There is always a good way to write a resume that has a sense of direction. What I mean is that you can write a particular professional resume that involves a certain job description of field of work like in a nursing resume. This way, you can highlight the competencies that you have and increase your chances of getting hired by a medical company. How do we write a good resume about nursing? A nursing resume also has the same parts and format in writing another type of resume. Actually, you can only modify the Objective part because you are catering to a specific field of work, the health care sector. But all other things that will be included in your resume should all stay the same. Since we assume that your CV only has the best things about you, then there should be no further modifications involved. Is it ok to put a cover letter? You are encouraged to write a cover letter together with a resume. Actually, it is ideal to include such a letter especially if you are applying for a job that you know many other applicants may be interested in. A cover letter is like a personal document that you wish to use for establishing your rapport with the hiring personnel. Make sure that you learn how to write a cover letter when you visit our Archives for previous articles.
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    We can actually divide the types of professional resumes based solely on the job position where we will use it. In this manner, a finance resume may be written a little bit different from the generic resume file that you used to submit to any employe
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