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    • Greetings to all teachers. This webquest was aimed at developing student's enviromental conscience, as well as teaching science (effects of waste on our planet), and developing their creativity. The students learned about responsability and about the consequences of pollution. The mission was to make them enthusiastic and stimulate them to promote recycling. The webquest is aimed at 3rd to 5th graders but can be modified for 6th graders. Sources for the information came from: government agencies: EPA, NIEH, Dept. of State of PA; from National Geographic; from Edutopia, KinderArt, eHow,Craftbits, Disney Family, Images came from Bing, Google (links can be found on the conclusion page). Thank you for visiting. Feel free to use the material at hand.
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  • Recycling For The Future
    The best way for students to learn about recycling is to search for information about it and to practice it. Here you will find out what recycling is and why we should practice it. Then you will choose a project to make and then present your results
    Subject: Science | Grade: 3-5
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