Expository Writing- Explaining the causes and effects of anorexia.

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The objective of this webquest is to help students to write a cause/effect expository essay on the causes and effects of anorexia. It will help them to practice their expository writing skills.


I recommend that the format of the cause/effect expository essay be taught before this activity be done.

They will learn about the causes and effects of anorexia.

Students will discover that anorexia is a disorder that affect people all over the world.

Students will complete worksheets with guided questions on causes and effects of anorexia after viewing web sites.

Students will prepare a plan for a mini presentation on their findings.

Students will write an expository essay on the causes and effects of anorexia.

Students will have fun diving into the world of anorexia.


Marks will be awarded as follows:

  1. Content - 5 marks
  2. Language usage - 5 marks
  3. Organization of content - 10 marks


The answer will be judged for its accuracy of details and their original linkages: and completeness

Carity in respect of purpose/intent

Consistency of focus

Language Usage

Sentences must be complete.

Subjects and verbs must agree.

Pronouns must agree with its antecedents.

There must be consistency in the use of tense.

There must be effective and appropriate transitions between sentences.

Correct spelling and proper use of punctuation marks.

Organization of Content

Arrangement presented through sequencing of ideas, concept of paragraph cohesive ties


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