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About the Webquest:

Students in grades 3 through 5 learn what makes a kosher chanukiah (menorah) and then apply their knowledge by classifiying a collection of chanukiot and creating their own chanukiah.

WebQuest Objectives:

Content: Students will be able to...
1.  List the laws pertaining to chanukiott
2. Classify a collection of chanukiot according to the laws.

Skills: Students will be able to...


1. Create their own chanukiah drawing within those guidelines.

2, Present their chanukiah to the class.

Values: Students will...

1. Appreciate the creativity and variety in Judaica.


The clipart in this webquest is free from Kaboose.com. 

Chanukiot images (accessed 11/25/2015):

Chanukiah 1 - RCB Tabard Menorah by David M Bowman and Reed Bowman, David M Bowman Studio.

Chanukiah 2 - 12 Tribe Menorah from Ahuva.com

Chanukiah 3 - Chanukiah from Dayenu.com

Chanukiah 4 - Cantilever Menorah with Dripcatchers by David M Bowman and Reed Bowman, David M Bowman Studio.

Chanukiah 5 - Chanukiah.jpg from Scheinerman.net.

Chanukiah 6 - Freedom Hanukah Menorah by Rhonda Kap, RhondaKap.com.

Chanukiah 7 - "Sports" Menorah from TempleIsraelOttawa.ca.

Chanukiah 8 - Vee Menorah by David M Bowman and Reed Bowman, David M Bowman Studio.

Chanukiah 9 - Hannukah Menorah, ca. 1771, Michael and Judy Steinhardt Collection from Metropolitan Museum of Art 

Chanukiah 10 - Menorah with large heart and metal and glass accents by Gary Rosenthal, The Gary Rosenthal Collection

Chanukiah 11 - Triangle Menorah by David M Bowman and Reed Bowman, David M Bowman Studio.

Chanukiah 12 - Tree of Life Menorah by Michael Aram, Michael Aram.

Chanukiah 13 - Oil Menorah by Gary Rosenthal, The Gary Rosenthal


Options for implementing this WebQuest into the curriculum:

The WebQuest can be implemented as part of the Judaic Studies program or during an art class. If implemented in an art class, you can bring in a collection of actual chanukiot, and speak about the various materials and designs. 

It is important that students do not "write off" the chanukiot that do not meet the legal specifications. These chanukiot are unique and beautiful and can be used to decorate the house during Chanukah and the rest of the year.

Other ideas:

Bring in a variety of materials for the students to use: clay, scrap metal, bottlecaps, glass, and any other non-flammable material.

Invite the parents to hear the students presentations and have a Chanukah party where the students' creativity is displayed.

Discuss the chanukiot that appear in Mr Goldstein's box. Many of them have symbols. What do these signify? Are there any designs that invoke a certain historical period or geographic area?

Complement this project with a trip to a museum to view a collection of Chanukiot.

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