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Below is a list of things that you must do in order to complete your mission and crack this case!  

1.  Find out what makes a chanukia kosher by reading the laws and rules about chanukiot

2. Help Mr. Goldstein by finding out when the chanukia should be lit and which blessings should be said on the different nights of Hanukkah and where he should put his lit chanukia

3. Using the Agency's template, create your own flier/notice that has a description and a picture of a kosher chanukia

4. Using the link to the word document on the task page you will answer the following questions and then print our your answers:  

  • When should the chanukia be lit
  • Which blessings are said on the 1st night
  • Which blessings are said on Hanukkah Shabbat
  • Which blessings are said on all other Hanukkah nights
  • What substances or objects may be lit
  • Where should the lit chanukia be displayed (and why)
  • In what order or direction are candles places into the chanukia
  • In what order or direction is the chanukia lit
  • Which candle lights the others and why
  • How long should your candles burn and may you blow them out after you light them

5.  You will print out the completed word document and turn in to the chief detective (Ms. Bernosky) 

6.  You will present your flier to your fellow agents and it will be hung up in the agency.  The template is on the task page.

Use the following resources to help assist you in your search to find out what makes a chanukia kosher


Web Link
Hanukkah Song by Bare Naked Ladies
Hanukkah blessings

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