Causes of the American Revolution

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I put this WebQuest together in December of 2012.  The core of the content is taken from an assignment on the website cicerohistory.org, although a fair number of the links on Cicero were dead, so I replaced them with different ones.   Like any good teacher, I saw a resource, took it, and personalized it.  Please feel free to do the same.  

I believe that this WebQuest is best completed in small student groupings (fewer than five students).  Any more than that and the group becomes unwieldy, and productivity suffers.  Access to a computer lab is ideal.  In my situation, I have nine separate computer workstations in my classroom, which suits my class numbers just fine.  There is one link to a TeacherTube video (the first link on the Boston Massacre set).  Be aware that this will require a computer with an appropriate video card as well as sufficient bandwidth and network speed.  Check with your IT professional if you are not sure.

When I explained how the presentation component would work, students in at least two classes asked if they could do skits or make videos, which pleasantly surprised me.  In short, this project can definitely spark student creativity, and I encourage you to allow your students to go as far as they can with it.

If you'd like to contact me, I can be reached at scott.rainey@washougalsd.org.  Any feedback would be appreciated!


This WebQuest addresses the following Washington State 8th Grade Social Studies Standards:
History 4.1.2, part 2: Understands how the following themes and developments help to define eras in U.S. history from 1776 to 1900: Fighting for independence and framing the Constitution(17761815).

Civics 1.1.1: Understands key ideals and principles outlined in the Declaration of Independence, including life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, the U.S. Constitution, including the rule of law, separation of powers, representative government, and popular sovereignty, and the Bill of Rights, including due process and freedom of expression.

Geography 3.2.1: Analyzes how the environment has affected people and how people have affected the environment in the United States in the past or present.


Much thanks is given to the writers and webmasters of cicerohistory.org, an invaluable resource for the teaching of US History. My district received a lifelong membership to the Cicero site via the federal Teaching American History grant.


Never forget - we have the most important job in the world.

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