The Hunger Games

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The Hunger Games
Lesson Plan 5 weeks

Lesson: 6th grade English

Student Description: 24 students; 
10 boys, 14 girls of various reading and comprehension levels

Goals: Read a young adult novel (174 pages) as a group within five week period          

Objectives: Focus skills include: fluency/expression, pronunciation, comprehension, character analysis, text to real-life connections, collaborative discussion, writing skills

1. Discuss and build background knowledge                                         (week one)
            -    discuss book
-         students browse through webquest, understand objectives and procedures
-         make predictions

State Standards
establish the purpose for reading a type of text before reading

identify the basic ideas and facts in text using strategies and information from other sources to make predictions about the text

1.1.5.G -
Demonstrate after reading understanding and interpretation of both fiction and nonfiction text. Summarize the major ideas, themes or procedures of the text. Relate new information or ideas from the text to that learned through additional reading and media (e.g., film, audiotape). Clarify ideas and understandings through rereading and discussion. 

1.1.5.H - Demonstrate fluency and comprehension in reading. Demonstrate comprehension

2. Begin reading                                                                        (week one week four)

 -   read as a group in class (teacher read-aloud, student read-aloud, partner read
      aloud) Discuss events and characters at end of each period
-         Homework re-read in class readings to solidify
-         Utilize webquest throughout novel, complete activities and discussions where appropriate

State Standards
1.3.5.B -
Compare the use of literary elements within and among texts including characters, setting, plot, theme and  point of view.
1.3.5.F - Read and respond to nonfiction and fiction including poetry and drama.
1.4.5.B  - Write multi-paragraph informational;
Use relevant graphics (e.g., maps, charts, graphs, tables)
1.6.5.B -  Listen to a selection of literature. Relate it to what is know, predict the result, retell actions in sequence, identify new concepts, summarize the selection

3. Conclusion of text                                                                             (week five)

           - review plotline, characters, main events historical comparisons and about the
          - discuss feelings and book reviews preview next two books in series

1.6.5.A Listen to other. Ask pertinent questions, distinguish relevant information, take notes when prompted
1.6.5.C Speak using skills appropriate to formal speech situations
1.6.5.C/E -  Contribute to discussion/Participate in small and large group discussions and presentations
1.6.5.F Use media for learning purposes. Access information on the Internet.

Materials: Novels, laptops (when needed)

Accommodations: Push-in support from team teacher; low group will read with team teacher in small groups

Rubric: along with 30 point participation grade for daily reading and discussion, the webquest (broken into 4 parts) will be worth 16 points for the tasks and a final 4 points for the comleted review sheet (20 point webquest)

30 participation + 20 webquest = 50 point project







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