The Hunger Games



In this webquest, you will be involved in various activities that will help you develop a deeper understanding of both the characters and the themes in Hunger Games.

1. Write a farewell letter to your family before you must leave for the Capitol. Keep in mind this may be your last goodbye.
(Letter is to be hand written and all papers must be turned in on due date given -- due date is pending.)

2. Choose one of the following:
     A. Illustrate District 12, the coal-rich hometown of Katniss Everdeen.
     B. Illustrate the Capitol, the city that has total power over the country of Panem.  
     C. Create a map (sketch, color, and/or paint) of the 74th Games arena.
Use details included in the novel, along with your imagination to develop a detailed image.
(Drawing materials will be provided for this assignment. Paper given must be used. There will be markers , colored pencils, crayons and erasers provided. Paint materials can be requested. Personal art supplies may be used.)

3. Develop a Venn diagram of one of the listed character pairs (A-E) of your choice. Compare and contrast at least eight characteristics.
     A. Katniss and Gale
     B. Katniss and her mother
     C. Katniss and  Prim
     D. Katniss and Peeta
     E. Gale and Peeta
(Use the link provided below to create your diagram. Format is already set up for you!)

4. Write a diary or journal entry from Katniss' perspective, detailing your your thoughts and feelings about the result of the Games.
(Entries will be made in your regular Writing Journals and turned in to be reviewed and scored. Please be sure to respond to all questions below for full credit, and feel free to include any additional thoughts.)

What will it be like to see your family again? In what ways have your emotions changed, both toward Gale and toward Peeta? How do you think life will be different after the Games?

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