Travelling by own

plans and so and so


You must research and compare the costs of round-trip airfare, hotels, activities, and food so they are feasible for you and your friends. Each group member will be assigned a role exploring the various aspects of the trip. In planning the trip, you must take the following into consideration:
(For you to be easier we have found some resources for you)
Appropriate destination (https://www.lonelyplanet.ru/) 
Duration of trip
Modes of transportation (airplane or bus) (tabc.io
Cost of hotel(s) (Airbnb)
Activities/itinerary (Tripadvisor
Traveling expenses
Educational benefits
Fundraising activities (https://experience.tripster.ru/?utm_campaign=affiliates&utm_content=442763%2F541539&utm_source=admitad&utm_medium=admitad) 

After researching and discussing the above components with your group members, you will collaboratively make a presentation requesting approval to proceed with the trip.

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