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# Beginning 1 Developing 2 Very Good 3 Exemplary 4 Score
Fulfilling task by researching information Task is unfulfilled; research is incomplete. Task is slightly fulfilled; research is missing many parts. Task is mostly fulfilled; research is missing a few parts. Task is fulfilled with thorough, thoughtful research. %25
Reflection No reflection is written. Reflection is disorganized and does not express student understanding. Reflection is thoughtful and expresses student understanding. Reflection is organized, detailed, thoughtful, and expresses student understanding. %25
Proposal No proposal is written. Proposal is vague and fails to demonstrate learning. Proposal is organized, thorough, and demonstrates learning. Proposal is professional, organized, thorough, and demonstrates learning. %25
Team Cooperation No one works together. Some evidence of teamwork, but individuals have to be prompted to work together. Good teamwork, but members are only fulfilling their task and neglecting to discuss with other members. Great teamwork: every member is on task and engages fully in group discussion so as to produce the proposal. %25

Total Score: 100%

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