Life of a Coyote



During this Web Quest you will visit many websites that will provide you with information on coyotes.  As you explore these websites you will find answers to the questions listed on your worksheet. 

Once you complete your worksheet, you will pick one of the following projects to display your information you have gathered on coyotes.


Projects to choose from:

1.) Write a story detailing the life of a coyote.

2.) Create a comic detailing the life of a coyote.

3.) Make a poster detailing the life of a coyote.


Your project must include the following:

Habitat (Where Coyotes Live)

Diet (What They Eat)

Physical Characteristics (What Do They Look Like)

Classification and Scientific Name

Behavior (How They Act In the Wild)

At Least 3 Fun Facts


Remember:  Have fun and be creative!

Project Due Date:  Tuesday, November 3, 2009


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