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People often cannot see the importance of art in their daily lives, yet art is embedded in everything around them. Many parents even discourage their children from pursuing a career in Visual Arts stating how useless the subject is. As a group of Jamaican artists, you have been commissioned by the National Art Jallery Jamaica to organize, promote and launch an informative and captivating exhibition to sensisitize and promote the awareness and importance of Visual Arts in Jamaica. A body of works ranging from various mediums must be used as a vehicle to empower and inform the nation to clarify any misconceptions that may have been assumed about the subject.

The exhibition will be divided into five (5) clear categories and will have displayed works under the following  categories;

1. Paintings,

2. Drawings.

3. Photography

4. Videos/Documentaries

5. Public Sculptures and Installations. 

To carry out this task effectively,each artist in the team will be assigned specific roles that are linked to his/her area of specialty. The compilation of the artists was designed around the five (5) categories in the exhibition as each five of you are specialists in five different areas.

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