Hey Indiana! What About Your Environment?



Kudos to all of you for taking part in this important mission! You are now a member of the IET...that is...the Indiana Environmental Team. Alright environmental team, listen up! You have an important task to accomplish. Each one of you plays a special part in this task. Indiana needs YOU! Your team will work together to come up with a way to tell your classmates why the environment is important.


You must show them the truth about what an unhealthy environment is already doing to humans and animals. Once you have them convinced, you need to give them ways to help out the environment. Afterall, how can they help with the environment if they don't know how to?


There are three members to a team and each of you will have a special role. Please choose a role before you do anything else. Then proceed to the "PROCESS"


Role call please!

Role #1: Endangered Species Representative

Duty: If animals could talk, what do you think they would say? This is your opportunity to find out what the endangered animals of Indiana are feeling. Indiana has endangered species! Could you please speak up for them?


Role #2: Human Concerns Specialist

Duty: How is your health today? Your classmates are unaware of what the polluted environment is doing to their health! Things may seem fine now, but what about what has happened and what can happen should they choose to turn away from then environment?.


Role #3:Environmental Solutions Expert

Duty: Now that the rest of the team has provided lots of information about animals, humans, and the environment, it is up to you to give your classmates some solutions for how they can help the environment. Provide them tips for loving our environment.

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