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Question #1

He had just come to the bridge; and not looking where he was going; he tripped over something

Question #2

'That doesn't make sense at all', he said

Question #3

It went on raining, and every day it got a little higher

Question #4

Suddenly she, laughed as she remembered a story she had been told

Question #5

When began the snow he was asleep

Question #6

There will be a wide path, almost big enough for a car.

Question #7

Then he dropped them both, and the big one landed first--which he had thought it would do, and the little one landed second, which he had thought it would do.

Question #8

'I didn't here you.' she exclaimed

Question #9

They hopped down off the table; and went to go pick up the napkins.

Question #10

'I'm not sure about that,' he said. 'I can't really remember.'

Question #11

What is the main idea of the passage?

Question #12

Which word best defines the function of the passage?

Question #13

What kind of text would this passage likely appear in?

Question #14

Who is the likely audience for this passage?

Question #15

What does the author mean by 'well-patronized'?

Question #16

According to this passage, Piaget's first scientific discipline was:

Question #17

Piaget's proposal of human adaptation to the environment was an application of a principle of:

Question #18

What is correct about Piaget's experience with Alfred Binet's intelligence tests, according to the passage?

Question #19

Piaget's theory involved which of these?

Question #20

The theory that humans build knowledge from interactions between their thoughts and experiences is called:

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