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Basic Information about the Accuplacer Placement Test

Accuplacer is an adaptive test. This means that the questions are chosen for you on the basis of your answers to previous questions.

  1. This is a multiple choice test.
  2. The test is NOT timed.
  3. The test requires you to choose an answer to every question - you cannot leave an item blank.
  4. You cannot skip a question and go back to it.
  5. You cannot go back to any question...ever. Once you click next, you have submitted your final answer to that question.

Test Taking Strategies

  1. Arrive early and prepared.
  2. Practice positive thinking.
  3. Read the instructions for each question carefully. Instructions change frequently.
  4. Read the question without looking at the answers.
  5. Use your scrap paper and work out problems to the best of your ability.

Testing Best Practices

  1. If you don't know the answer to the questions: (1) use the process of elimination, (2) eliminate the most obviously incorrect answers, (3) guess smart.
  2. The test is not timed, so: ignore other students completing ahead of you - complete at the best pace for your success.
  3. Use scratch paper to write out sentences if you need to see your work. Use scratch paper to work out math problems. Check your answer.



How to take a Multiple Choice Test
Eliminating Wrong Answers
Show Your Work

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