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Welcome to the Garrett College English/Reading Placement Test Online Refresher.
This online resource is supplementary to the in-person Refresher Courses offered at Garrett College.

This is a free English and reading brush-up resource for Garrett College students and potential students that fall within the following categories:

  • NEW STUDENTS BEFORE TAKING PLACEMENT TEST: New students may use this refresher resource to brush-up on English/reading skills prior to taking the placement test for the first time. Students may opt to utilize this resource if they feel they will not perform well, are facing test anxiety, or feel they can do better with help up-front.
  • NEW STUDENTS AFTER ATTEMPTING PLACEMENT TEST (one or more times): Students will be required to provide evidence of academic intervention prior to retesting. Suggested intervention methods are the face-to-face and online refresher courses. Participating in one of the intervention methods will be the student's "fee" to retake the placement test. To meet this requirement, the student must take the quiz at the end of this webquest.

In-person refresher courses will also be offered throughout the summer; 5 sessions per subject (math and English/reading) with a max of 15 students per session. These one-day courses are FREE or low-cost, and include lunch and retesting. If you are interested in a face-to-face refresher course through Garrett College, please contact the Advising and Academic Success Center, 301-387-3715.

DIRECTIONS: To navigate through this webquest, simply click on the tabs to the left. Within each tab, you will find a variety of notes, resources, tips, etc. to help you increase your skills in that area. Be sure to read and work through as much as the content as possible to gain the most benefit from this refresher.

At the end of this webquest, within the final tab on the left, you will find a QUIZ. Everyone is encouraged to complete the quiz to assess your newly acquired knowledge.

**If you are a student wishing to re-take the placement test, you are REQUIRED to complete the quiz. An advisor will be able to view your score upon completion to determine retest eligibility.

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