This is EPIC: the Journey of the Hero Through History



The Process:

Part One: Explore Resources on Epic Heroes throughout History

1. Students will explore the characteristics and examples of the epic hero through different time periods and geographical locales. Please Review all the Part 1 resources attached below.

2. Once your group has reviewed all resources, please pick one hero and document their journey in the Hero's Journey Chart. This resource is marked at a Part 2 resource below.

Part Two: "Diary of An Epic Hero"

1. Create an epic hero based on the key traits and characteristics of Epic Heroes researched through the Part One resources.  

(Click here for assistance!)

2. Create a series of fictional events that will involve your new epic hero.

3. Outline these events using the Hero's Journey Chart below for your new epic hero.

3. Using these events, create a first-person "diary" which chronicles the life of your hero as he or she embarks on his or her epic journey.

4. Write a minimum of 8 entries.

5. Time frame: 1 week.

Part 3: Epic Hero Story and Short Film

1. Using your "diary" as a guide, create an original epic hero story and short film using the fictional character that you created as the protagonist. The group will use Storytelling Alice, a free computer graphics program that allows you to create short films. Via Storytelling Alice, students will create a short film documenting this story. Please use resource at the bottom of the page under Part Three.

2. Intertwine events from the diary with events in your story and film. Use literary elements and dialogue between characters to enrich your story.

3. You will submit two drafts of this story. The first draft is due in 1 week and should include at least half of the short film by then. The second draft is due at the end of week 2.

4. You will share your short film with the class at the end of week 2.

5. Time frame: 2 weeks


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