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Process Process

Process for Task 1

1. Use the provided Internet links to define the poetry terms given.

2. Type these terms and definitions into Microsoft Word. Label your page "Poetry Terms."

3. Print this page and place it in your Poetry Portfolio.

Links for you to use:




Process for Task 2

1. Use GOOGLE to search for the examples of the types of poetry given.

2. Look at several different examples of each type of poetry.

3. Choose your favorite example of each type.

4. Copy each one and paste it onto a blank page in Micrsoft Word. There should be one poem per page.

5. Above each poem, indicate which type of poem it is. Also define the type of poem.

6. Reread each poem and find examples of the poetic elements. List any examples that are present at the end of the poem.

7. Insert clipart for each poem. You may also change text and font color to make things lively and exciting.

8. Print your poem examples and put them in your Poetry Portfolio.

Process for Task 3

1. Choose your two favorite types of poems from the list of poems you researched.

2. Write your own original examples based on the poems you selected.

3. Type your poems in Microsoft Word.

4. Each student must have his/her own original poem.

5. Insert clipart for each poem. You may also change text and font color. Don't be afraid to be creative.

6. Print your poems and put them in your Poetry Portfolio.

Process for Task 4

1. Design a cover sheet for your Poetry Portfolio. This cover sheet should include all names in your group with your name as a stand out. It should also include a title.

2. Separate your Poetry Portfolio into three sections: 1. Poetry Terms 2. Poetry Examples 3. Original Poems

3. Create a cover sheet for each section that is neat, original, and creative. Add clip art and color.

4. Print out a copy of the rubric. After you have studied it, place it in your poetry portfolio as the last page. This sheet will be used for grading.

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