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Evaluation Rubric

  Beginning 1 Developing 2 Very Good 3 Exemplary 4 Score

Portfolio is well-organized. Papers are not in order; did not follow directions. Missing important parts-i.e. dividers, certain poems, etc.. Most of the pages are in order, but some of the directions were not followed. Poems are organized and presented neatly. Dividers are present. Cover sheets are present. %25

Content Only a minimal amount of effort; only a minimal amount of information is present. Some items are missing-i.e. definitions, examples, etc.. Most of the information is present, but some of the directions were not followed completely. All poetry examples are present. All definitions are present. All original poems are present and complete. %25

Appearance Messy and unattractive Appearance is unattractive, messy, not colorful, etc.. Portfolio is together, but it is not neatly bound or is not colorful; could be neater or more attractive. Graphics and color were used to enhance the appearance of the portfolio. It is neatly bound and typed to specifications. %25

Worked cooperatively in groups Student was uncooperative; did not work well with other students. Student did the work, but did not work well with the other students. Student worked, but had to be redirected and reminded to work with the group. The group was off task several times. Student made postive contributions to group and worked cooperatively with other members. %25

Total Score: %100
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