Michigan's River Brochure



Performance Task: You will be creating a brochure for a particular river located here in Michigan

Computer class time (3 days)---  Any time needed otherwise will be homework 
Due Date - April 20th - Monday 

 Step 1 -  You first must become familiar with the vocabulary you will be using to complete the task

Come up and get a handout that has other terms besides ones you already have on your vocabulary page. Use your textbook and or online resources to  define or describe each.

an extra term --Land Use - ways that the land is used by humans.   For this term & definition, draw a  concept map with the term and definition in the center of the sheet, then types and examples from below radiating outward. 
  Types : residential (homes, apartments), agriculture (growing crops and raising livestock), business and industry (restaurants, stores,  hotels, factories)  recreation (motorized and non-motorized activities such as hiking, picnics, camping, hunting, snowmobiling, dune bugs),  mining,  and  transportation (cars, trains )

Step 2- - Next choose a river you would be interested in researching . On the sheet write  your river name on the line .  Then come up and show me your completed vocab sheet and chosen river name.

Step 3 - Now you are to research your river (a few sites below to help you get started ) to find the following information:

a. Location of your river and how far it is from Grand Blanc (time and distance )  cities the river flows through 

b. Specific features of your river     length,  shallowest, deepest or average depth if possible, overall shape, general speed (relative to other Michigan rivers such as "fast moving") of water and direction it flows 

c. Average temperature of the river's water or seasonal temps.- If you cannot find the water's temperature then use the temperatures of the areas in which the river runs through but make sure you indicate that. 

d. Inputs (headwaters) and Outputs (downriver, mouth,) of the river. What larger watershed it is part of.   

e. Land uses along the river that has an impact on the river

f. Activities humans use the river for - both for recreation and economic

g. Identified pollutants in the river -nonpoint source and point source 

h.Concerns or problems with river due to human impact (based on information gained from e. f. & g.)

i. Ways or actions that are or can be taken to reduce negative human impact on the river (BMP)

You are now ready for the Product/Outcome section - Click on that tab to the left to begin making your brochure 


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