Michigan's River Brochure



Your final product will be a brochure- which you will share with others peers and adults- It may be the typical 3-fold type or your may be creative and produce something different - Just pass it by me first before you start making it - You may use Microsoft Publisher on the Desktop, links near the bottom of this page or any site you find and like.
  First take the time to organize your material and figure out how you will best display it 

1. River Name and Nicknames (if any)  on front of Brochure

2. The information you gained from your research (refer to step 3 in "Process" tab) 

3. Graphics (pictures)  
   a. River location identified on a map and in relation to Grand Blanc
   b. Actual river
   c. Any 5 of the following:
                            Use of river for human economics (May choose this 2 times)
                            Use of river for human recreation (May choose this 2 times)
                           Other species besides humans that use the river and for what
                           Human recreational  land use along the river (May choose this 2 times)
                            Human nonrecreational land use along river  (May choose this 2 times)
                          An actual tourist attraction associated with river   
         Be sure that your graphics are representative or realistic of your river - if you can find actual                      pictures from your river showing any of the above  features then even better!!  

4. Sources on back of brochure  from where you obtained the data & graphics 
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