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OK Dr.! Let's get busy! Let's find out about birds. Good scientists have lots of questions. Let's see if we can answer the questions below. Good scientists also do lots of fun research. You can use the links to go to websites to answer your questions. First - Print out the Bird Answer Sheet attachment below.

1. What is a bird? Can you give a scientific answer?

2. Do all birds fly?

3. Can you name a bird that does not fly?

4. Why did birds learn how to fly? How does it help them?

5. What are the three things feathers are used for?

6. Name some of the things that birds eat.

7. Why do birds make nests?

8. What does incubate mean? What is the incubation period of a swan egg?

9. Why do some birds migrate?

10. Tell two other interesting facts you learned about birds.

11. What is your favorite bird extreme?


Next, With the information you've gathered, choose a bird with your partner using the Enchanted Learning website above.



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