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Focus: The Web Quest All About Birds focuses on learning about birds. This Web Quest is targeted to 2nd grade students.

Objectives/Goals: The goal for learners is to research information about birds and be able to answer questions about what they've learned.

Students may work on this Web Quest by themselves, but I recommend they work with at least one partner. I would partner any students who might need reading or writing help with partners who are strong in those areas.

Students will learn what a bird is, if all birds fly, why they fly, what the feathers are for, what they eat, why they make nests, what incubation is, why some birds migrate and interesting facts about birds.



Resources/Materials needed: Materials needed: computer, printer, pencils

I'd like to thank the Enchanted Learning website, the mnemonicdictionary.com and the Yahoo Kids dictionary site for having such wonderful sites. These websites are the only sites used on this Web Quest in order to keep the project as simple as possible.

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