The Lifecycle of a butterfly



First, your teacher will ask you what you know about butterflies and caterpillars.  Then your teacher will read you some fun books about butterflies and caterpillars before you begin this webquest.


  Second, your teacher will assign you a group (partner) to work with. Please cooperate and share ideas with each other.


 (Task 1)Next your group will explore the webquest sites to see pictures and video clips of the life cycle of the butterfly.


 Egg: The first stage of the butterfly lifecycle is the egg stage. The egg will hatch in a few days to 9 months.


 Caterpillar: The second stage of the butterfly lifecycle is the caterpillar stage. This stage lasts from 2 weeks to 1 month. Caterpillars eat leafy plants.


 Chrysalis: The third stage of the butterfly lifecycle is the chrysalis stage. The caterpillar will stay inside for a few days or many months.


 Butterfly: The final stage of the butterfly lifecycle is the butterfly stage. A butterfly can live for a few days or 6-12 months.


 (Task 2)Your group will write the information you learn on the recording sheet. Your teacher will give you the recording booklet (see attachments).


 (Task 3)Your group will create a craft to show your stage of the life cycle. Your teacher will give you directions and materials.


 egg craft:


 Caterpillar craft:


 chrysalis craft:


 butterfly craft:


 (Task 4)Discuss with your group what you have learned.


 (Task 5)Share your knowledge and craft of your life cycle stage with the class.


 (Task 6)Finally, visit a few fun sites.




 virtual tour:






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Description: Lifecycle Diagram

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