The Lifecycle of a butterfly

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In this webquest the students will be researching the four stages of the butterfly lifecycle. First prior knowledge is engaged during stories and dialogue. The students are invited to proceed to the task section. Clear explainations and learning expectations are stated here.

The scoring guide is avaliable in the evaluation section.

Cooperation is encouraged through group work.

The conclusion thanks the students for working hard as a team.

They are envited to play some fun butterfly and caterpillar games.

** To help the younger students, the words that will be written into the recording booklet are underlined on the webquest text.

** Try and pair some of the academically lower students with a student that will be able to help them not do it for them.

 Georgia Performance Standards 

 S2L1 Students will investigate the life cycles of different living organisms.

Teacher note: Instruct students not to touch wild plants and animals when they observe them. Always wash hands after handling any plants or animals. Caution students not to eat wild plants they find.

a. Determine the sequence of the life cycle of common animals in your area: a mammal such as a cat or dog or classroom pet, a bird such as a chicken, an amphibian such as a frog, and an insect such as a butterfly.
b. Relate seasonal changes to observations of how a tree changes throughout a school year.
c. Investigate the life cycle of a plant by growing a plant from a seed and by recording changes over a period of time.
d. Identify fungi (mushrooms) as living organisms. 








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