Hardware Components



You will be divided into groups of fours, consisting of 3 members each.Each group being assigned a specific task


1) Each group should select a group leader.

2) Two persons from each group should gather information for the presentation  

4) One member of each group will be responsible for organizing information for the presentation.

4)  A presenter should be selected.

Group 1: Create word document properly organized highlighting key features of computer hardware and their definitions including : The computer, The computer system, Input Devices,out put devices,storage devices and terms associated with memory such as ROM and RAM. A properly labelled picture should accompany each component.

Group 2: Visit YouTube.com to search and download an animated video about the computer hardware. This video should highlight the main features of the computer hardware and their functions.

Group 3: Using Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Application create a table that list the different types of devices under the appropriate headings: input devices, output devices, storage devices.

Group 4: Using the word document created by group 1, the video downloaded by group 2, and the spreadsheet created by group 3, create a PowerPoint presentation to teach your class mates about the computer hardware.

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