Hardware Components



So far you have learnt about the hardware components of the computer. This is where you the student will reflect or look back on the lesson taught and consider what you have learnt. 

you have learnt that hardware components are the parts of the computer that you can touch physically and see. As you have also learnt the hardware is not only the monitor,CPU and other components outside but also the hard drive that is hidden from the eyes of the user.These questions below are questions that you have learnt to answer.

What have you learnt?
Do you know the difference between the components of the computer?

There fore students the onus is on you to begin to explore the every grow world of information technology that changes everyday. New components are created everyday while others are simply improved to further make life simpler for the user.So continue to explore and broaden you knowledge in the arena of technology.

you can visit these sites to learn about the newest changes in the techno world:


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