1Q: Zombie Apocalypse-Survival Plan



Create a FOLDER in your DIGITAL PORTFOLIO on GOOGLE DRIVE in your 1st Quarter FOLDER and, name it ZOMBIE  (Be sure you put the folder in your 1st Quarter folder)

You will be adding files to this folder throughout this project.

****KEEP IN MIND*****

You will also be asked several times to take SCREEN SHOTS of things you have created ON THE COMPUTER  and Photographs of projects you will create in class (not on the computer) and then add them to your ZOMBIE FOLDER.  The EASIEST way to upload photographs of projects from the classroom is to EMAIL the photo to yourself and then download it and add it to your ZOMBIE FOLDER.

Create NON-Digital project---->Use smart phone to photograph it----->email it to yourself---->download it---->save it to your ZOMBIE FOLDER on GOOGLE DRIVE.

Create DIGITAL project---->Take a SCREEN SHOT of the computer screen--->save it to your Desktop---->save it to your ZOMBIE FOLDER on GOOGLE DRIVE

RESOURCES BELOW: these aren't required for the project, but I think they will help you in understanding what things will be happening during a Zombie Apocalypse and what you would need to be able to do to survive it.  So take a look at some of them before you get started.

Proceed to Part 1: Track the Outbreak.


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Web Link

Web Link

Zombieland Tips for Survival

Web Link
  • Doomsday Preppers
    Description: From National Geographic. These guys are ready for ANY type of DOOMSDAY that might come our way. So good resource.

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