5 Components of Fitness and the Fitt Principle



Ladies and gentlemen the following is a list of tasks you are required to complete for this quest.  Remember; document everything in your portfolio/notebook, write legibly, and answer all questions and complete all tasks. Be sure to visit all websites and research accordingly. You may use your wellness book as a source.

1. Take the Pre-Test: Be sure to record your first and last name and the period.

2. Print the Health Components Worksheet and complete. You may research the websites listed or research your own to find the answers. If you research your own answers, be sure to document the source or website you used. You may also use your wellness book.

3. Play Hangman with a partner or alone.

4. Access Health and Skill Related Fitness on Quizzal and practice the vocabulary by viewing flash cards and playing the games. ( Link below)

5. Create a paper slide video on one or both of the following: 1. Show the difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise illustrating at least 3 examples of each; or: 2. Differentiate between health and skill related fitness components using examples of each. ( Examples of a paper slide video below.)

6. With a partner or alone, create a fitness test that covers all of the health and skill related components and test one another in the gym. Be sure to record the results.

7.  Design a 7 day fitness plan incorporating skill and health related fitness components into your plan.

8. Take the Post Test.

9. If you are finished with all of your work before the deadline, you may choose between two  research topics to write a two page paper. You may choose to research and write about steroids and it's effects on the athlete.  You may also choose the effects energy drinks can have on the body . Be sure to document all sources of information. ( This assignment will give you 10 bonus points.)

10. Turn all work in at the same time.

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